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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Bowl Menu

As promised, I have finally settled on a Super Bowl menu which I will share with you.  I've tried to include fun party food while keeping the fat, sugar and calories under control.  The dips are kept to a minimum because they encourage mindless overeating.  Of course the key at any party is not to eat too much, no matter what is served.

Mexican Cornbread
Fruit Tray
Mexican Layered Dip With Tortilla Chips
Chocolate Cupcakes With Peanut Butter Icing

I decided to make chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing for dessert as they are easy to serve and delicious, not because they are low fat or low in sugar.  Plus the recipe only makes 2 dozen so there will be few leftovers for me to eat the next day.  Between the chili and the dip, there are lots of beans for lean protein and fiber, plus the chili will be made with ground turkey.  There are tomatoes and avocados, onions and spices to provide antioxidants, fiber and vitamins.  (You can justify eating anything if you know a few tricks!)  Anyway, make your game plan ahead of time and stick to it this Sunday and you are sure to be a winner, not overly stuffed and regretting your choices.

Also as promised, here is the rest of my dinner menus for this week.  I hope you have seen that you can eat very well, enjoy your food and still eat a healthy diet.  Many of these recipes have been featured in past blogs; you can check the recipe list at the side.  This is how we really eat every week.  I plan meals ahead for 3 or 4 days, do the grocery shopping and I'm set.  Remember many of these dishes are a breeze.  For instance, the Cranberry Chicken has four ingredients.  You mix up the sauce and pour it over the chicken breasts in about 5 minutes in the morning to marinate all day.  Then you pop it in the oven when you get home, cook some rice or pasta, add a side dish and you have a great meal.  

Thursday - Kubideh Sandwiches (a new Iranian sandwich featured in Delish magazine recently)
Friday - Chicken and Potatoes with Onion Garlic Jam, Garlic Green Beans
Saturday - we will eat out
Sunday - See above

I hope you have a lovely weekend no matter what your plans are.  Just squeeze in some exercise and eat well!

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  1. Lisa, I am now in Northwest Arkansas working at an eye clinic. I remembered that you had a blog encouraging healthy eating. I read this post and think it is very interesting. I plan to use your recipes and forward them to the staff here and help encourage them to eat healthy as well. Thanks for your encouragement. Tell Dr. Tedder, hello and I hope everything is going well for you guys!