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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Health Tests For The Cardiologist And His Wife

Recently I began to wonder whether my own health is really as good as I think it is.  And what about my husband's health?  Though we exercise, are we really fit or are we fooling ourselves?  So we decided to put ourselves to the test.  Last week, we had blood drawn for several tests and we had a calcium score, a simple test to check for plaque buildup in our arteries, a sign of heart disease.  In the coming weeks, we will have our fitness levels checked by a local trainer.  Once the results are in, I will begin posting the facts on my blog on  Then you can decide whether what we preach is the gospel or just alot of bunk.  Should be interesting to see what the results are.  I predict that one or both of us needs to work a bit harder at fitness though.

As for the Super Bowl party, I admit I pigged out pretty much especially with the Mexican Layered Dip and chips and the sausage stuffed mushrooms my sister made at the last minute.  The cupcakes were to die for but as the recipe didn't make many (this is a handy tip, don't make extra),  I only ate one.  I skipped the alcohol this time and actually drank milk.  Milk goes better with chocolate cupcakes anyway.  I was dreading the scales the next morning but I was surprised to see I hadn't gained any.  So my other strategies paid off; eat sensibly most of the time and exercise!

You can get outside at this time of the year and exercise you know.  So many adults and unfortunately, even children, stay inside in the winter and become more sedentary.  Being outside does so much good for your mental status as well as for the rest of your body.  I took our extremely short haired dog for a walk this morning - we both bundled up in coats and we both felt better for the fresh air and sunshine.  My kids and their friends get out and enjoy the snow like kids should, sledding, exploring and having snowball fights.  I had planned on sledding yesterday but there wasn't enough snow.  Maybe on Thursday.........

This is the last week I'm going to post our week's menus.  I hope seeing what we actually eat is inspiring to you.  I know so many people don't take the time to cook so I also hope my easy recipes will help with that too.

Monday - Tuna marinated in orange juice, parsley and oregano, wild rice and Brussel sprouts
Tuesday - Chili spaghetti and garlic bread (a good way to use up the leftover chili from Sunday)
Wednesday - Crab and corn chowder, a new recipe
Thursday - Chicken and dumplings, a family favorite

Stock up on supplies.  I suspect that we will have more snow this week in our local area by Wednesday.

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