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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flu Shot Or Not

The flu is something I've never worried about; it just didn't seem that bad so I have never gotten a flu shot either.  The rest of my family gets a flu shot.  I think Barry is more likely to get the flu given his line of work and I've always thought schools are the breeding ground for all sorts of diseases.  But working at home, I felt less likely to be exposed and while that is probably true, I've changed my mind.

Sometimes it takes a major event to make you change your mind.  Last week, Barry's brother Hugh and his family came down with the flu.  I didn't think much about it until Hugh was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia later in the week.  Then things really took a turn for the worse Friday night when the doctors had to put Hugh on the ventilator.  Hugh has been engaged in a fight for his life since then and he still isn't out of the woods.  He has responded well to a new drug in the last two days so we are hopeful.  The doctors think he will pull through but admit that it will be a long process.  Needless to say, all of this has made me rethink my position on getting a flu shot.  Hugh is only 55 and has two teenage daughters.  If a flu shot could prevent this from happening to me, it's worth the time and a little pain.

The problem with the flu is that it weakens your immune system leaving you vulnerable to other things like pneumonia.  In this day and age, pneumonia still kills people regularly and not just the elderly.  So if you have been like me and felt the flu shot was unnecessary, perhaps you'd like to think about it again.  If a few bucks could prevent a life altering event like Hugh's, maybe it's a good investment.  As I always say, your good health is too precious to ignore or take for granted.

As promised, here is the last of our weekly menu.  Due to the snow and Barry being out of town, I've moved a few things around.  Last night we had chicken and dumplings and sauteed butternut squash.  The rest of the week follows.

Thursday - Eggs, biscuits, gravy and bacon (does that sound heart healthy?)
Friday - Beef Stew with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and green peas
Saturday - Eat out or leftovers
Sunday - Crab and corn chowder

Have a happy, healthy weekend and take care in the snow and cold.

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