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Friday, October 28, 2011

16 Candles and Fried Chicken

Today is my birthday and I can do what I want so if I want 16 candles, there will be 16 candles right?  No one will be fooled but I will be happy.  So far, my family has done well; roses, Grace's biscuits for breakfast, sunshine, beautiful fall colors everywhere, everyone happy and in a good mood.  Fifty isn't so bad and would even be great if I weren't still tired.  Life has been lived at a breakneck speed lately with me needing to be in more places than physically possible.  I did get a good night's sleep last night and I will the next three nights so I should be much better by Monday.  I have a massage scheduled later this afternoon so I'm getting a bit of pampering.  My husband will take me to dinner and though he doesn't know it, I plan to have some dancing later.

It is only right to spoil yourself once in awhile.  If you spoil yourself too often, you are probably selfish or foolish or both.  Take a day once in awhile to slow down and rest.  Listen to your body.  When you stress yourself out too much and don't take time to rest, bad things can happen to that poor old body that carries you around.  So that is my agenda for the weekend - taking care of myself.  I will still eat right most meals and I've already had a good workout this morning, and every morning.

However, one gift I look forward to all year is the fried chicken dinner I will indulge in on Sunday.  I've mentioned it before, that my sister cooks fried chicken and makes chicken gravy with it.  One of the best experiences on earth if you ask me.  Then the Apple Betty pie my husband and children make and I will be one happy woman.  

So there.  I've shown that you can indulge once in awhile, over do once in awhile and still survive if you do the right things most of the time.  My philosophy of life is that you take care of your body like you would any precious thing and a few over indulgences are acceptable.

So have a lovely weekend with friends and family.  Get out and enjoy the cool weather and nature's beautiful display.  Rejuvenate for the next week.  And if you are inclined, drink a toast in my honor.  I'm 50 after all.

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