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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tips For Back To School

Unfortunately, school does start next week for us; it may have already started in your area.  I say unfortunately because I am never ready for school to start, unlike most parents.  I wish we could play all year.  But because I want my kids to have the best possible educational experience, I start early with back to school prep.  Here are some tips for getting your child ready for school.

1.  Set a bedtime and have your child start going to bed at that time now.  Sleep is one of the most important factors in the learning process.  A tired child is not going to be able to pay attention or learn.

2.  Eat a decent breakfast.  A donut or skipping breakfast will not do.  A hungry child can not learn; all he or she can think about is their stomach.  Eat a boiled egg and have some juice or banana, peanut butter and milk.

3.  If you didn't hear the news last night, tests show lunches from home most likely are not cold enough to keep food safe until lunch.  Freeze the child's drink as well as including an icepack to keep food cold and avoid food borne illnesses.

4.  If your child is nervous about the start of school, make sure they attend the open house and meet their teachers.  Try to have them attend open house and the first day of school with a friend.  Don't ignore or make fun of their feelings but don't add to their anxiousness either.

5.  If they had summer projects to do for school, make sure they are done now, don't wait until the night before school starts.

6.  Talk with your child about what to pack for lunches and let them make some decisions.  Just make sure their choices are nutritious, not disastrous.

7.  Make sure their shoes and clothes fit well.  Ill fitting clothing and shoes are uncomfortable and distracting.

8.  Wash all clothes before the big day and pick out something to wear for a couple of days.  This will speed things up and lessen stress on school mornings.

9.  Organize everything your child needs to take the first day on the night before for the same reasons listed in 8.

10.  Tell your child you love them and you just know this will be the best year ever!  A positive attitude is inspiring.  

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