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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

La Dolce Vita

Oh yes, living the good life!  I wrote recently about my struggles with turning 50 on my other blog at  I was not looking forward at all to 5-0.  I was depressed about the whole thing and tried to deny my age.  But age just won't be denied.  It creeps up everywhere.  You can get a facelift only to notice how wrinkly your hands are and how many sunspots you have.  And your joints ache no matter how many sit-ups you do.  Your doctor won't kindly overlook your age; he just smugly tells you it's time for a colonoscopy.  After all, he's a good 20 years younger.

However, I couldn't help but notice how good I've been feeling lately.  I have more energy and I am in better shape than I was 5 years ago.   I am rarely sick.  My family is in good health as well, though some members should exercise more.  Not going to name names, they know who they are.

Yes, some of our health is related to good luck.  We are lucky certain diseases that can't be helped have avoided our family.  But most of our good health is due to eating right and exercise.  The payoff is in the way we feel and the things we are able to do.

So I realized I'm living the good life and how sweet it is!  I have to brag; my husband and I went out dancing this past weekend with friends Alex and Caitlyn and had so much fun!  Now I must hasten to say that this was a first.  We are normally home with the kids but this past weekend, we branched out.  And we learned something.  Doing something different, maybe outside your comfort zone, is a wonderful energizer!  We feel totally stimulated and ready to tackle other new things.  Doing something new as a couple is great for your marriage as well.  Everyone needs to get out of their rut and see what's happening on the roadway.  

If you want the good life, you know what to do.  Yes, you can ignore me and all the others who nag about your health.  You may be living the good life now you say, without all the work.  But sooner or later, that kind of lifestyle catches up with you and kicks you hard in the butt.  So make a choice.  Take charge of your life or sit on butt in your little rut.  Smoke your cigarettes.  Stuff your face with fast food.  But I'll be dancing.

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