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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surviving Easter Weekend With The Inlaws

Does that title sound like your weekend?  If you are about to entertain half of Memphis and a contingent from Mississippi this weekend or from other exotic places, read on for some survival tips.  As I said earlier this week, Easter is another excuse for a feast.  Right now I feel like I'm burning plenty of calories just getting everything ready from clean bedding to groceries to a clean house.  All that in addition to all the things I usually do and I'm getting tired.  I bought so many carrots that the checkout lady and the bagger kept giving me strange looks.

The first tip is that you don't have to do it all, especially if  it's your spouse's family that is coming.  Give assignments to the whole family.  Split up the cleaning chores and your house will sparkle in no time plus your mother in law will be impressed that you got your husband to vacuum.  Let someone else go to the grocery.  Get some barbecue from a local restaurant instead of doing it yourself.  Use paper plates for at least one meal.

How do you stay on your healthy diet plan during a holiday?  This is a very troublesome question but here is what I'm doing.  I've lost 6 lbs. on my part time diet and I don't want to gain it back by Monday morning.  So, serve plenty of vegetables.  I'm serving a fruit salad and a slaw that isn't made with mayo on Sat.  We are having smoked chicken as well as barbecued pork for a less fattening choice.  Then Saturday night I'm serving a minestrone soup which I'm making ahead.  It's full of vegetables and lean protein while very low in fat.  As always, keep the portions small, especially on those fattening foods.

I admit it will be hard to get any exercise other than cooking and cleaning up after every meal.  Still if the weather is nice, I'll try to coax others to take a walk or play some ping pong.  So relax and enjoy your company and remember the reason for the weekend.  Oh, did I mention that prom is Saturday night?  Did I say relax?  That's for the rest of you.

Happy Easter!      

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