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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Goes Around, Comes Around

A departure from my usual health topics today because sometimes things need to be discussed.  While on my power walk with Molly this morning, a neighbor stopped me to ask if I knew anyone who might want a dog.  Apparently, somebody had dropped a pair of Rottweiler's and one mixed breed puppy at his house.  The Rottweiler puppies were very shy but looked healthy and surprisingly well bred.  The other pup was no where to be seen at the moment.

I told my neighbor I would do something about the dogs so I marched home.  A couple of quick phone calls and the dogs were picked up within the hour by Animal Control.  They may already have a new home as someone who works in my husband's office was looking to adopt at least one dog.

I firmly believe that what you do in this life matters.  When you do something bad, it will come back to haunt you.  You can't foist off your problems onto someone else.  A lifetime of bad decisions and actions will take a toll on your mental health sooner or later.  By stepping up and taking responsibility for your own life decisions, you will feel more positive about yourself than by taking the easy way out.  Help is out there if you just ask.

So the topic of a trio of abandoned dogs applies to all areas of life.  They represent responsibility, stress, and even love and attachment.  How you approach these areas of your life will ultimately affect your mental and physical health.  So if you have a problem that you have ignored for far too long, spend some time this weekend in soul searching and decide on a solution.  Finally dealing with the problem will give you peace, a sense of accomplishment and make you stronger.

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