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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break

As I write this morning, I am on spring break vacation with my children.  If you remember, I confessed a couple of weeks ago that I had put on some weight due to eating too much "good" food.  Now here I am on vacation which always includes eating more than usual at our favorite restaurants.  I'm sorry to say that I had not lost any weight prior to leaving but not because I didn't exercise or try to eat better.  My goal this week is to not gain any more.  Will that be possible?  I don't know but I have exercised even more than at home.  Yesterday we went on an hour long bike ride.  I wish we had bike paths or safer places to ride in Jonesboro.  My whole family loves to bike on vacation but we don't at home because there is no convenient or safe place to bike.  I'm not keen on the idea of my family pedaling down one of the main roads in Jonesboro, battling traffic.  It was a good workout because I sure felt it in my gluts and thighs.  I would love to add cycling to my regular routine.  Maybe someday.............

In addition to working out, I have tried to watch the calories some.  I've eaten a lean breakfast every morning and tried to cut back on portions.  I've had more water each day than I drink at home and watched the snacking.  I've had fish every day and plenty of fruit and vegetables while avoiding too much cheese and heavy sauces.  Still I've not been that good.  I can't resist having a martini with dinner but only one.  I also have split dessert every night with someone.  We'll find out the results when I get home since there are no scales here.

I was recently asked to review a book for the blog - The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno.  Read the full review on but I think it is a worthwhile diet plan if you are really dedicated to improving your lifestyle.  If you are looking for a miracle in a week, skip it.  When I get home, I think I shall try it to knock off those 5 or 6 lbs I want so badly to banish by giving the 17 Day Diet a try.

I hope you will survive your spring break trips or upcoming vacations without gaining too much weight by keeping up with some exercise and watching what you eat if only a little bit.

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