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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Mental Health

I've been thinking about the tsunami and all the Japanese who suddenly lost family members and about my brother in law Hugh, who just passed away.  Mental health is a key component of your overall health and our relationships with others play an important supporting role in our sense of self worth.  Sad that it takes a tragedy to wake us up and make us remember how important our loved ones are.  Spend some time with someone you love today.  Let them know how special they are to you; it will benefit you both.

Poor mental health such as depression or anxiety can affect your sleep, energy level and cause you to have digestive problems.  People who have a more positive outlook often recover better from illnesses.  Pour yourself into developing better relationships and use a little less energy on your career.  You'll never regret time spent with family and friends but you will regret being a workaholic at some point.

From the number of people who attended his funeral and visitation, it is obvious that Hugh payed attention to his relationships.  But don't wait till the funeral and tell the relatives how great someone was and how much they meant to you, let that person know today.  For today, put aside petty grievances and just enjoy your family.  That doesn't mean you should work at bad or harmful relationships.  Trying to maintain a relationship with someone who hurts you can damage your mental health and physical health.

The weekend is upon us and the weather where I live promises to bring a touch of spring.  Spend time with loved ones but also consider spending some time helping others.  That too, will do your mental health a world of good.

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