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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two For One

Don't we all love two for one sales? Your life will be easier if you learn to love two for one meals. I've already talked about eating leftovers to save time in the kitchen and money when food isn't wasted. Now let's talk about planning extra meat and using it in another recipe.
This weekend we smoked a large chicken for Sunday dinner. (You could just as easily bake or grill one or even your favorite chicken pieces instead of a whole chicken.) We enjoyed our Sunday dinner with potato salad and purple hull peas. Monday was very busy with swim practice, band, and a 7 p.m. meeting. So I pulled out the leftover chicken that I had already removed from the bone on Sunday and made a quick barbeque sauce for sandwiches and added some baked fries for a quick side. Of course, I had already planned and shopped for these meals because I knew Monday would be hectic. A little planning made my life easier and we ate a healthier meal too.
The leftover chicken could just as easily be made into tasty chicken tacos, chicken salad, the pasta dish I mentioned earlier or another kind of chicken sandwich. It doesn't take long to make any of these dishes and they taste good! Best of all, nearly anyone could prepare these meals.

Here is my recipe for the barbeque chicken sandwich but in a pinch, just use bottled sauce.

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup sliced celery
1 minced clove of garlic
3/4 cup of ketchup
2 TBsp. brown sugar
2 TBsp. cidar vinegar
1 TBsp. Worchestershire
1 tsp. chili powder
pepper to taste
3 cups chicken, shredded or cut in bite sized pieces
Saute onion, celery and garlic in 1 TBsp. olive or canola oil till lightly browned. Add other ingredients through chicken and simmer 15 minutes. Serve with your favorite side.