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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Fall is here and fairs are cropping up everywhere. Since fairs are known to be well stocked with horrible junk food, beware. Make a plan before going and stick to it at the fair or just don't go at all. Eat a healthy meal before going and avoid eating "dinner" at the fair and pick just one treat. If you must eat at the fair, get a small, plain hamburger and an ear of roasted corn.
Confession: I love kettle corn and since I have to take a pack of 6th graders, I'm hoping the Little Orbits people won't be there. Little Orbits are tiny donuts made right before your eyes with your choice of topping. It's fun to watch the dough squirt out into the fat, float along, flip over and be skimmed out. It's even better to eat them, warm and fresh. Yes, we all have weaknesses. I'll choose donuts over the kettle corn and share the bag with a friend.
Here's hoping you have a good time at the fair and you miss the heartburn!