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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Warning! Excess Calories Ahead!

I'm just in time, I hope, to head off excess calorie consumption and weight gain over the holiday ahead.  I read a short article this morning that should help prevent disaster. (  I am starting my Thanksgiving cooking today and yes, sampling the food or licking the bowl can be a huge problem for a cook.  Personally, I'm thinking of wearing a Hannibal Lecter style mask to keep unwanted food from straying into my mouth.

I always preach mindful eating though I don't always achieve it.  Cooking for a big party or event is always a recipe for disaster.  Yes, cooks do need to taste food to make sure the seasoning is right but try to keep it under control.  Perhaps a baby spoon would be useful to taste broth, soup, etc.  Really there is no reason to lick the entire cake or icing bowl, is there?

I hope you all have been busy exercising and eating right to get ready for the big day.  I know I have been, even though I had to be out of town over the weekend at a swim meet.  I still exercised in the hotel and took a long walk during warm ups when ordinarily there is nothing to do but watch my daughter and hundreds of other kids in the pool at one time.  I ate oatmeal for breakfast, drank lots of water, limited myself to only one martini.  The biggest downfall was being drug along to a pizza place that is a favorite of the team.

Anyway, check out the link, and think, think, think before you sample the cooking!  I am anxiously waiting  for my free range Heritage turkey to arrive today.  On Wednesday, I will slip it lovingly into a nice brine bath to soak and relax before roasting.  I have a beautiful new white platter for it's big debut.  I will write about it in my next post on Friday.

Have a wonderful, slim, Thanksgiving!

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