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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Examples From The Tube

I love to watch Good Morning America while getting the kids ready for school and then while I exercise every morning.  I'm addicted to the news.  This morning while huffing and puffing away, I saw a piece on a man who has lost 200 lbs. since January.  He weighed in around 370 and his wife was worried about him.  She decided a challenge would be the best way to motivate him so their joint New Year's resolution was to see who could lose the most weight the fastest.  He realized he had a problem and since he had just turned 30, he thought it was now or never.

So how did he do it?  The hard way: no pills, no surgery, just eating right and exercise.  He described what he might eat at night before; the largest steak on the menu, THREE baked potatoes loaded with all the goodies.  Then when everyone was in bed, he'd sneak off to the local burger joint and order two triple hamburgers with cheese and two chicken sandwiches and eat ALL four of them.  He'd consume upwards of 10,000 calories a DAY.  Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps trains for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week and consumes around 12,000 calories a day but this man was only in training for early death.  His before and after pictures are amazing.  I would not have recognized that the man who appeared on GMA was the same man in the photos.  His children were asked what they thought of their Dad.  The oldest replied that now their Dad comes out to play with them whereas before he made excuses not to because he was too tired.

How sad is it that through our own fault we miss out on so much in life?  It was not due to a gland problem or his "genes" that this man was obese.  It was because he ate enough for 4 average men and was physically inactive.  I'll bet he never gets that way again.

So no, I wasn't exactly enjoying myself this morning while doing crunches or squats.  And I'd really like to eat bag of chips quite frequently.  But I do the right things so that I don't stand in my own way of doing the things I really like to do, like horseback riding and wearing a hot dress when I go dancing.  For further inspiration I have a few pictures to share with you.

These pictures are of some fat I trimmed from a pot roast (top) and a whole chicken.  Gross and disgusting isn't it?  Beef fat is often really hard but chicken fat is greasier.  When you think about fat like this packed around your waist, arms, thighs and butt, it's even worse.  Now do you want that extra piece of pizza?  How about another soda?  Did you have any vegetables today?  When was the last time you sweated?  Gives you something to think about doesn't it?  So don't look like the turkey this Thanksgiving - get busy and get healthy.  

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