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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Enjoy Fall, Be Thankful, De-stress

Yesterday I took my dog Molly for a walk.  The wind was pretty fierce and the temperature cooler than it had been but we both enjoyed the walk so much.  I had such a good positive feeling from being outside in the fresh air and looking at Mother Nature's handiwork.  Sometimes I don't think mental health is emphasized enough and that we don't do enough to encourage good mental health.  With all the stress in our lives and the problems we all face, it would seem that we would take better care of ourselves and our loved ones but we don't.  That is why I'm challenging each of you to get out this holiday, not to shop in the mass of frenzied humanity, but outdoors with friends and family or even alone and take time to be thankful.

Be thankful for the beauty of autumn all around you.  I love walking along and looking at the different shapes and colors of the leaves that have fallen.  The road I live on is a kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities, green mixed with brown, orange, yellow, red and purple, straight lines, sharp points, and curves.  Look up at the sky and observe the color whether it's a clear blue or smoky gray.  If I'm lucky I'll see a deer while I drink in the quiet.  That is what you need too, an escape to someplace quiet with fresh clean air to breathe.

Be thankful for all you have; the friends and family who are always there when you need them, your home and job.  Take along your family dog and show him some unconditional love.  (Two of my cats like to go on walks but that may not be the case at your house.)  Drag everyone out of the house and play dodgeball, shoot some hoops or toss a frisbee.  You'll be surprised at the bonding that occurs when everyone is breathless and laughing.  Take the family to the park to ride bicycles.  You won't even notice you are burning off Thanksgiving calories.  Take a big deep breathe of cold air and notice how it makes you feel and the different smells.  Much better than the stale air indoors.  When it is time to go back inside, take the peace and good feeling with you.        

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