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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big Announcement

I do have a big announcement today:  I am participating in Wanna Dance?, a fundraiser for the Women's Discovery Center.  Couples from around town, different walks of life, are paired together to perform a dance (Latin, swing or waltz) for votes (money).  Each couple will dance on two different occasions and it has been alot of fun for most.  I am very excited.  I have always loved to dance and often wished I could compete in ballroom dancing.  However, I never seemed to live anywhere that was possible so in a way, this is a dream come true. 

I think I have two key things going for me.  I am in pretty good shape which I will need to pull off the Latin dance my partner and I will be doing.  The exercise I get has made a difference in that I haven't been sore or tired after our practice sessions.  I will say that I will be even more fit after all the practice we will be doing.  The other very important thing is that I have a great partner!  He is excited, competitive and eager to win, plus a good dancer.  So, if you live in Jonesboro, come out November 9th and cheer us on!

I wanted to respond to a comment made by a reader, Catherine, on my posts about better eating for teens.  I'm glad if I can help or inspire you and your daughter, that is what this blog is all about.  As I have said many times, my family doesn't always eat right or get enough exercise but we do most of the time.  Also read my posts on better lunches since your daughter now doesn't wish to eat school lunches after watching Jamie Oliver's show.  Make sure your family eats some fruit and vegetables every day - that is so important.  Try to instill in your family that eating is an adventure so they will be open to new foods.  Also equally important is the point of today's post - exercise.  You all know I love to eat and cook, but if I didn't exercise, I wouldn't be able to keep the weight in a normal range.  Plus I couldn't have fun doing the things I love, like dancing and riding my horse. 

Get out there and enjoy the wonderful fall weather.  Bark in the Park is this weekend at noon, pavilion 6 in Craighead Forrest.  A fundraiser for the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society, it features a dog relay and fun walk.  Your dog needs some fun and exercise too, so come on out.   

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