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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things You CAN Eat

I posted a list of the top ten things to avoid recently so in return, I'm posting things it is OK to eat (in moderation of course).  I always try to make the point that we aren't strict vegetarians around here, nor do we forgo sweets and some fat in our diet.  We aim to get it right most of the time. 

That said, here is the list of things you may think you shouldn't eat but that it is perfectly OK to have them, quite frequently in fact.

1.  Alcoholic beverages.  Now I'm not saying it's OK to have a 6 pack every night or a kegger at your next party but studies show some alcohol can even be good for you.  Red wine in particular is good for your heart and I recently read a study which shows that moderate drinkers, not teetotallers or alcoholics, actually live longer.  Interesting, isn't it? 

2.  Avocados.  Yes, they are high in fat but it's the good fat.  Make some fresh guacamole this weekend and enjoy it with a few chips and a margarita.  Just remember it does have alot of calories so don't eat the whole bowl.  Avoid the store bought guacamole as there's not as much of the good stuff in it and it has a whole bunch of salt.  I'm not sure there is even any avocado in it; maybe they just used green food coloring.

3.  Chocolate.  Yes!  Enjoy your chocolate now and then.  By that, I didn't mean the chocolate lava cake at your favorite restaurant or a Hostess cupcake.  Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and can help lower blood pressure.  Unfortunately, milk chocolate doesn't do the trick.  Nuff said.

4.  Eggs.  I think these little oval beauties are nutritional gems.  We eat at least a dozen eggs in a dozen different ways each week, usually more.  Eggs are versatile and cheap, so start your day off right and have an one for breakfast.

5.  Dairy products, excluding ice cream.  Sorry if your hopes got dashed there.  Dairy isn't just for kids and adults reap the same benefits from the calcium and protein.  Select skim milk to avoid the fat, and the reduced fat in most everything else such as cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese.  Remember to watch the amount of cheese you use in sandwiches and casseroles and to be stingy with the sour cream.

There!  Eating healthy doesn't always have to be about vegetables and starving yourself.  So have a glass of red wine tonight.  Your doctor would approve.  

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