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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beware The Food Manufacturer

I know many of you just don't get my passion for eating right and exercising as a means to good health.  I know most of us just expect good health to happen and wonder why we are "unlucky" when our health goes to hell in a hurry.  And do we want our doctors to fix our problems in a hurry!

Having two parents who suffered from many health problems, plus a husband who is a physician and dedicated to promoting better health, has definitely affected my outlook.  I don't want to spend time and money at the doctor's office or hospital trying to fix what I ruined.  Please don't take your good health for granted.  View it as the precious gift that it is and take care of it like you do your other possessions. 

A recent Harvard study showed that women who already have heart disease are three times as likely to die suddenly from cardiac arrest when they eat a diet high in trans fats.  You should know that trans fats are found in highly processed foods like fries, snack cakes, cookies and crackers.  A food has trans fats if the ingredients include partially hydrogenated oils.  Many  food companies have begun switching oils since trans fats are getting the bad reputation they deserve but be careful.  Palm, coconut or palm kernel oils are highly saturated fats and are no better for you in the long run.  Look for foods that contain canola, soybean or other non-hydrogenated fats.

What would you rather eat?  A simple homecooked meal that is good for you and tastes good or some store bought crap with who knows what in it?

 Fried okra, tomato salad featured in previous blog, butter beans and boiled potates.

This simple meal was delicious and full of nutrition.  The okra was the hardest thing to make because it involved alot of slicing.  Doesn't this look more appetizing than pizza or another tired hamburger?  Doesn't your body deserve better?  Think about it. 

I'll be working on an index of my recipes.  Hopefully that will be ready soon so you can find them easily. 

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