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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time For Another Confession

Some say that confession is good for the soul but to tell the truth, I'd rather not tell some things.  However, in my quest for good health and in order to help you in your quest for good health, I feel compelled to make confessions sometimes.  Today's confession is: I really wanted to loose an inch this summer but haven't managed to do so.  My love of good food gets me in trouble.  Perhaps I would have been more successful if I hadn't hurt my back and spent several weeks taking it easy and doing rehab.  Perhaps I would have been more successful if I hadn't developed a nasty habit of having too many after dinner milkshakes, no matter how small they were.  Perhaps if I didn't love martinis and if I didn't eat the brownie crumbs from cutting the brownies I made for the church youth group, I would have kissed that inch goodbye.

The good news, and there is good news,  I didn't gain any either.  I maintained my weight and size by eating right most of the time and exercising as much as possible.  The point is we have to be diligent.  We have to keep up the good fight and do what we know to be right.  You can't loose a bunch of weight or have it sucked off and stick with your bad habits.  That fat will come right back and bring more with it. 

The bad news is that the winter holidays and all that party food is just around the corner, waiting for you.  Make a pact with yourself and a friend or someone you love.  Resolve to start exercising this WEEK and to support each other.  Start small, exercise for 20 minutes 3 times a week.  Build on that and make sure to do something you like.  Cut back on the portions you eat right NOW.  You don't need seconds of anything unless it's water or raw vegetables.  Start now and you'll be prepared and in shape to battle your way through the office Christmas party or Aunt Pat's pecan pie.  Start now and you'll feel good about yourself.  Taking action rather than wallowing in inaction gives you power and makes you stronger.

Think about it: deep down, you know I'm right.    

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  1. Don't be talking bad about my pecan pies-aren't nuts good for you?? For those exercise procrastinators- I quit my gym membership a year ago for budget reasons, and although I weigh exactly what I weighed last year,my slacks have gotten really tight. I think everything is sliding South. Soon I will look like the Michelin Man, only all the tires will be in the middle!