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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacations: Not Just For Fun

Once again I have slipped up and left without a word.  Sorry everyone, I was on pre-vacation and vacation.  Pre-vacation is the time before the vacation where you are scrambling around getting ready to leave.  At our house, that involves arranging for the care of seven animals in our absence as well as getting everyone packed.  There is also the post vacation period where you are scrambling around washing piles of dirty clothes and wading through knee high stacks of junk mail and newspapers.  Vacations are alot of work.

This time our vacation reminded me of just how important vacations really are.  I was crabby, tired and run down before we left from our hectic and fast paced schedule.  I couldn't wait to get to Seaside, Fl., the oasis in our year long marathon.  When we get to Seaside, time slows and we do a whole lotta nothing.  Everyone is content to go the beach, rest all afternoon, eat like hogs, poke around in shops and ride bikes for miles.  We read books, nap, laugh and play games.  And of course we eat.  I wouldn't like to mention how much weight Barry and I gained.  Most importantly, we didn't stress about anything and we reconnected as a family.

That's the important part of vacationing - getting away from stress and enjoying the ones you love.  I hope everyone can find a way to leave home and go somewhere to relax.  Somewhere away from the boss, the traffic, the next T-ball game or whatever crowds your life.  Rest or vacationing is vital to our mental health and well being.  And remembering why we love the ones we're with is the best part of all.     

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