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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Wow!  Have you heard the news?  Time to celebrate.  Arkansas has moved up to number 8 on the list of most obese states.  We were number 10.  With a little more work, we can finally be number 1 at something instead of Mississippi and West Virginia, those perennial favorites for anything bad such as teen pregnancy rates, poverty or obesity rates. 

Sorry for my sarcasm and I really don't mean to step on anyone's toes.  I just want people to wake up and take responsibility for their health.  I just wish this message would reach more people and that they could lead better lives by making a few changes.  It is hard in today's society to eat healthy and be active.  There is food everywhere; too much of it and the wrong kinds of food.  I sympathize because, believe it or not, I struggle every day.  Making good food choices is hard work and it is so much easier to sweep through McDonald's than to peel, chop and cook vegetables.  It is so much easier to plop on the couch after a long day and pick up the remote than it is to go to the gym.

But, it is not easier to fix your health after it's broken and it will cost alot more too.  The worst part is, your health may not be fixable and you may die at a really young age or have chronic problems that limit the things you can do.  That's not the way I want to live, nor do I want that to happen to my children.

If you have a weight problem, I'd like you to try something for the next 30 days: give up something you know is not good for you.  Just one thing, don't try to change everything and don't try to give it up cold turkey.  If you drink too many sodas for instance, give up one a week until you have cut back to only one a day or less.  At the same time, try to do something good for yourself.  Walk one block three times a week and gradually increase the distance.  Just one block or one soda is a tiny baby step but you can do it.  Above all, start to educate yourself on nutrition, exercise and health.  The more you know, the better choices you will make.  I really hope this blog helps in making those choices and gives you encouragement.  Have a happy, healthy weekend with those you love.

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