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Friday, May 7, 2010

Better Eating For Teens, Continued

Teen girls, take care of yourself so you will always be beautiful and healthy.  Be smart and do what's right and you'll feel good and look good.  It can be hard in today's world to eat better but wrecking your health is the alternative.  My husband, the cardiologist, treats people in their 30's and 40's with heart disease.  If you die of a heart attack at 40, that means you were middle aged at 20, just when your life should be full of fun and new adventures. 

Poor food choices lead to many different diseases, like heart disease and diabetes.  So, what should you be eating?  Here are some tips that will help you make better choices.

1.  Eat breakfast.  Studies show that people who eat breakfast are slimmer and perform better at work and school.  Breakfast shouldn't be all sugar.  Eat cereal high in fiber and low in sugar like multigrain cheerios or shredded wheat.  Try old fashioned oatmeal with fresh fruit on top.  Grab a banana or a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter.  Drink milk or a small glass of orange juice.

2.  Eat lunch.  Skipping meals makes you really hungry and more likely to pig out on junk food.  Skip the school lunch, nothing nutritious there, and bring your own.  Make a sandwich with lean meat, whole wheat bread, some lettuce or tomato.  Add some fruit, yogurt or veggies like cucumber slices or carrot sticks.  Try hummus on pita bread or make a salad.  Drink water, G-2, tea or milk.  Skip sweet drinks.  No, you don't need chips or cookies or neon colored jello. 

3.  Eat a snack after school.  Crackers and cheese, fruit or a homemade smoothie made with lowfat yogurt and frozen fruit are good choices.  Remember your body is still growing and needs fuel.

4.  Eat a good dinner.  You can help out by doing the cooking and helping the whole family to eat better.  You should get at least two servings of vegetables at dinner.  Eat meat that hasn't been breaded and fried like chicken nuggets.  Cut back on portion sizes - many of us eat too much.  Skip dessert after dinner.   

5.  Avoid those teen staples - fast food and pizza.  Most fast food and pizza offer nothing but opportunities to pack on pounds.  Those fries taste good but won't look good around your waist.  If you must drink soda, drink one of those small 8 oz. cans.  One can a day.

I hope this makes an impact on some of you girls.  I'd like to know that you have a long, healthy, happy life.  Eating right and exercising are key to that life.   

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  1. Thanks for this Lisa. I'm going to read it to Caroline (my 8 year old) after school today. She is built exactly like me--pearish, hippy, and I know that if she doesn't work at it, she'll really start to gain weight early. She watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and it changed her life. She won't eat a school lunch or a chicken nugget to name a couple of changes. But your post is just the boost she (and I) need since that show has been off the air for months. Keep encouragaing please.