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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weight Watcher's Program

The Weight Watchers Program has been around for many decades and has been successful in helping people loose weight.  Why?  Because Weight Watchers doesn't promote a diet as much as a lifestyle change.  When you join Weight Watchers you get a plan that motivates you to eat smarter, move more, develop helpful habits and you receive support from others in weekly meetings.  The plan works on a point system where foods are assigned a point value based upon calories, fiber and fat content.  This helps you learn portion control without worrying about calories.  On this plan, you eat exactly what you want, no food is forbidden and you don't have to buy any Weight Watcher foods.  However, filling foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains are strongly encouraged which is mostly what you should be eating in the first place.

There are weekly meetings where participants receive motivatonal support from others.  The leader discusses topics such as emotional eating and ways to avoid overeating triggers.  The plan promotes exercise and keeping a daily diary of all food consumed.  Participants are taught to weigh and measure their food so that they learn better portion control.  This helps tremendously when eating in restaurants where portions tend to be oversized. 

Renee says that loosing weight is easy; keeping it off is the hard part.  People have to eat and be around food every day unlike an alcoholic or drug addict who can learn to avoid temptation.  People with a weight problem have to learn how to manage it. 

If you have been thinking of trying a weight loss program, you may want to check out Weight Watchers.  There is a special joining fee for a limited time so now is a good time to start. 

Answer to Anonymous who asked what I thought of Sarah Lee's Soft Family bread.  While I am no nutritionist, I think that bread is better than the Oroweat I buy.  It has more fiber and protein but does contain high fructose corn syrup.  You really have to pick the the lesser of the two evils.  If your family likes it, great.  Mine didn't really care for it so I buy the Oroweat.  Hope that helps.

I also hope everyone is ready for a winter storm.  We are bracing for whatever mother nature throws at us.  Interestingly, this storm is coming one day later than the terrible ice storm we had last year which knocked out power for many in this area for weeks.  I have gotten extra bread, milk, cheese and meat plus a fruit tray.  If I think I'm going to have extra kids over, I like to get a veggie or fruit tray.  They always devour it.  (During the last snow I had 11 kids at my house.  I barely survived.)

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