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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Life Changed For Better

This week I'm going to focus on the Weight Watchers program and share the story of a friend of mine.  I want to make the point that there are many programs and ways to loose weight that work.  The problem is finding a way to make healthy changes that last for a lifetime.  This blog has always been about living a healthy lifestyle, not just a quick fix for our problems.  Today I will share a story that many of you will be able to relate to and that may inspire you.

Renee struggled with her weight early on and starting in junior high, began dieting.  Her lack of activity and poor eating habits led to a steady rise in her weight and poor self-esteem.  Over 15 years, she tried every diet available, only to regain the weight later.  Finally she joined Weight Watchers, lost 45 pounds and became a Lifetime member.  Renee married and kept the weight off for about three years but once again, her weight began to creep up.  In the spring of 2002, Renee reached her lowest point.  Despite her loving, supportive husband and 7 year old son, Renee could think of nothing but her weight.  She finally realized she was digging herself an early grave and went back to Weight Watchers.  This time, she knew she'd have to exercise and truly commit to making her health a lifetime priority.

Renee had always hated to sweat and avoided exercise but decided to walk 1 mile three days a week.  She remembers thinking that she better take her cell phone in case she had a heart attack.  Gradually, Renee increased her walking to 3 miles, six days a week.  Slowly the weight was coming off and exercise was becoming more and more a part of Renee's life.  One day, Renee's husband showed her a brochure advertising a local marathon/half marathon.  He encouraged her to try it.  She was doubtful but with the help of a friend, Renee began to run and train.  In November of 2003, Renee ran her first half marathon, finishing 9th in her age division. 

Since then, Renee has continued to run and has run in several marathons and bettered her times.  Her weight is normal and her health greatly improved.  Renee went from doing nothing to doing more than she thought she was capapble of.  Renee says, "You can't change the past, but you can change today!"

I hope Renee's story will inspire you.  I admire her determination to take control of her life and make it better.  As long as I have known Renee, she has been healthy and fit; you would never know she still struggles every day with making healthy choices.  For her, Weight Watchers was part of the solution, along with exercise.  Thursday, I will explain more about the Weight Watchers program.  Renee says she still practices the Weight Watchers techniques for healthier eating.       

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