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Friday, January 22, 2010

Eating Mindfully

I want to thank my readers for their kind comments.  I started this blog with the aim of providing health information, exercise and food tips in a low key, supportive manner.  I sincerely want to see people live better lives through better health habits. 

Today I want to talk about eating mindfully.  How many times do you rush through a meal, not really noticing what you are eating?  Do you find yourself grabbing a snack and scarfing it down, then looking for something else to eat?  We all are guilty of doing these things but these habits lead to overeating, plus not enjoying what we are eating in the first place.  If you spend 30 minutes cooking a meal, wouldn't it be nice if it took more than 5 minutes for your family to devour it? 

This weekend, plan at least one meal where you take the time to sit down as a family and truly enjoy the food.  When you eat more slowly, your body has more time to register fullness so you will eat less.  If you are eating at home, make the meal special in some way such as eating by candlelight.  As you eat, savor the texture and flavor of the food.  Spend time talking with your loved ones.  Throughout the rest of the week, try to remember to slow down and relish the food and drinks you consume.  Let's remember that food is for nourishment, not a cure all for boredom or anxiety.

Because some of you ask, I mention products sometimes I have tried and really like.  My new favorite peanut butter is Natural Jiff.  (I am addicted to peanuts and peanut butter.)  When compared to the Reduced Fat Jiff I used to buy, it has 16 grams of fat as opposed to 12 but much less sodium at 75 mg. compared to 250 mg.!  Natural Jiff also has one gram more of fiber and one less of sugar.  The best part is the taste - rich, smooth and creamy.
I have searched for a healthier lunch meat and have finally found one without added nitrates or nitrites, no artificial ingredients and which is minimally processed - Oscar Mayer Natural lunch meats.  The sodium content is lower than some and higher than others so it's not perfect.  The taste is very good.
My current bread of choice is Oroweat Soft Family breads, usually the honey wheat.  It has no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  It is not extremely high in fiber.  My family usually doesn't like whole wheat bread that is high in fiber as it is almost always dry and hard.  Maybe someday.........   
When trying to choose between different brands, I try to go for something that has the least "bad" ingredients but still delivers on taste, price and quality.

The February issue of Better Homes and Gardens has a big section on heart health.  You should pick up a copy.  Happy eating this weekend!    


  1. Will you please check out sara lee soft and smooth 100% whole wheat and let us know what you think of it? It is the only wheat bread my family will eat.

  2. I posted an answer under the Weight Watchers blog entry. Thanks. Lisa