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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is here and I hope the weather is nicer wherever you are.  Santa will be coming in a row boat to our house I'm afraid, and his red suit will be replaced with galoshes and a yellow slicker.  My husband is working this holiday weekend but hopefully it won't be too bad.  My daughter is at swim team practice - no slacker there - and my son is still asleep. 

I have already completed my exercise routine this morning.  I am frequently asked what I do to stay in shape and I usually reply that I do alot of different things.  I used to ride horses several times a week but I don't have a horse I can ride at this time.  As you read on Tuesday, we used to have yoga lessons every week but had to quit.  So what do the cardiologist and his wife do for exercise?  We both took up swimming this summer and really enjoyed it.  My daughter has even taught me to do a rudimentary butterfly stroke.  Swimming is out now for the winter and we have moved on to other types of exercise.  Barry joined a gym and a trainer set up a weight routine for him and our son.  They go as many times a week as their schedules permit.   I decided to work on my own for awhile and I have stuck to my schedule pretty well.  Three days a week, I do weight work and yoga stretching, using exercises I've learned from past trainers.  Two more days I do yoga stretching and something aerobic, like walking, dancing or stair climbing.  I try to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes five days a week and in addition, I spend at least 30 minutes most days cleaning the barn.  Barn cleaning means lots of shoveling and lifting so even if I don't have time to "exercise", I've already had quite a workout.  Three days a week I do 100 situps as good abs protect your back.

This type of workout is not for everyone.  Most people aren't fond of exercise (my husband) and need an outside influence (paid trainer).  Some people, my daughter being one of them, thrive on being active.  So if you are planning on starting an exercise program for 2010, you should look into some sort of group activity or working with an instructor.  Don't try to do too much at first - this could lead to an injury or burnout.  Perhaps just adding a walk around the block is enough for now - just get moving. 

Here's wishing you a Happy, Healthy Christmas shared with your friends and family.    

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