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Friday, December 11, 2009

Bits and Pieces of a Pre-holiday Week

It has been an interesting and busy week. My post is late due to cookie baking and a Christmas band concert. I've been cramming in something every minute of the day and I know you are too.

While eating lunch Wednesday, I read an article in Time magazine about chefs finding ways to get skinny. Alton Brown of Food Network fame suddenly realized that he and his fans were seriously overweight and has questioned his role in America's obesity epidemic. He and other chefs are finding ways to eat better and lose the weight. Alton Brown gave up junk food such as french fries. Many of the chefs in the article cut back on portions and concentrated on lean meats and vegetables. If people surrounded by wonderful food all day can find the will power, so can you.

Then yesterday I heard a startling confession from an aquaintance who is a normal size. She says she eats half a can of frosting every night for dinner! We were at a holiday lunch and dessert had been served. She went on to say that she just couldn't leave sweets alone. You can imagine how horrified I was. When I told her she would wreck her health, she replied that her check ups were always great. I asked when she last had one, she did confess it was years ago. My friend commented that the frosting didn't do anything for her energy level, indeed she felt tired later. If this sounds familiar, I sincerely hope you will get a check up right away. Eating sugar in such quantities will wear your body out trying to manage the overload. Compare that to a potted plant that is overwatered every day. It can only handle the excess water so long before it rots and dies. I'd be surprised if she isn't diabetic. And what kind of example is she setting for her children? She is condeming them to a life of poor eating habits. She went on to say that when her son asks about dinner, she doesn't want to fix anything because she's eaten frosting and is full and too tired!

On Monday night I gave a joint talk with my husband to a group of women in a weight loss program. I commend their efforts to regain their health and wish them well. My talk was brief but I shared some of my strategies for healthy eating while my husband talked about health consequences. Joining a group such as this can give you support and friends to share the journey. Maybe such a program is right for you.

Even though we've been extra busy with the holiday rush, I've still made health eating a priority for my family. I've missed some days of exercise due to shopping but I won't quit and neither should you.

An update on my friend with the aneurysm: he is finally out of intensive care and has started physical therapy. However, their 26 year old daughter who suffers from Crohns disease had to have surgery on Monday. She is recovering nicely but it was another blow to the family. Please keep them in your thoughts this holiday season. Think about what a gift a healthy body is.

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