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Friday, March 13, 2009

What are you drinking?

The sneakiest calories are the ones we drink. For some reason, we fool ourselves into thinking that beverages have no calorie content. The same person who wouldn't dare eat a hot fudge brownie with ice cream and nuts has no problem downing several sodas a day or ordering a fruit smoothie because it's "healthy".
My husband was talking to a patient about diet and the need to lose weight. The patient protested that he didn't eat that much. My husband then picked up the Mountain Dew can on the patient's tray and asked, "How many of these do you drink every day?" The answer was about six. So the man who didn't eat much was drinking most of his daily caloric needs before he even ate a bite!
It's time to pay attention to what you are drinking. Plain old water is best but there are plenty of other healthy choices, like tea. You don't have to give up drinks you love, (iced mocha lattes) but they should be an occasional treat. It is important to be well hydrated as you may be plagued with headaches and constipation if you aren't.
Monitor what your children drink. They need to learn healthy habits from the start. Elementary children shouldn't bring sugary, caffeine drinks for lunch. My children drink water, milk or G-2. Sodas are a treat for them.
Confession: I have a great deal of trouble making myself drink water. I also weaned myself off Mountain Dew and don't even miss it now. Sometimes I add lemon to my water or a low calorie powdered drink mix like Crystal Light.

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