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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

True Confessions of a Foodie

Right now a bag of corn chips or cheetos would be great. I love chips and salty food. I also love cookies, cake and pie. Actually, there are very few foods that I don't like but no one realizes that I fight a desire to overeat. No, I don't binge or try extreme diets either. I simply control my eating for the most part and exercise at least five times a week.
Self control and common sense are your most useful tools in maintaining or achieving a healthier lifestyle. We use self control and common sense every day at work, with our children and in public. If you didn't have a screaming hissy fit when your boss asked you to work late, then you have the will power not to eat a pint of ice cream and a dozen cookies for dinner. There really is no excuse and its not your genes.

Here are my methods for self control and getting through weak spells.
1. Brush your teeth immediately after eating. You won't be so tempted to snack with a minty frest breathe.
2. Don't buy chips, cookies, granola bars, candy or other things you know have no nutritional value. These things should be TREATS, not a staple of your daily diet. No, your kids don't need them either.
3. If you are going to have a treat, make it worth the calories. Make a special dessert for Sunday dinner instead of eating oreos from the vending machine at work.
4. Check an online site that tells you how many calories you burn in an hour of exercise. Then decide if that food you are craving is worth it. For example, I'd burn 230 calories in an hour of light swimming but that regular sized Snickers bar has 280 calories. Makes you think instead of mindlessly eating.

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