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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Other Blogs

I am always reading.  I check the news on MSN, I read the local paper, books and magazines.  I also watch local TV and national news, and Good Morning America.  I can't go to sleep at night until I've read for a few minutes, either fiction or non-fiction.  I like to keep up with what's happening.  Since I was up early this morning (5 a.m.) but not functioning enough to write, I checked out a few other blogs.  I don't follow many blogs but recently I came across two that I think are worthwhile to share.

Both are well written and interesting, especially from a foodie's point of view and from a healthy one too.  I am always looking for new ideas and better ways to cook at home and these offer ideas in abundance.  You may want to check them out as well.  The first one is written by a man in Canada who has discovered a love of cooking and eating well.  In other words, a man after my own heart.  Some of his recipes do NOT make the heart or waist healthy list, but some do.  Some of his recipes contain ingredients that will not be found in our little hamlet such as birds eye chilies.  (Readers, correct me if you've seen birds eye chillies locally, though after my chipolte experience, I'm not sure I want to see them.)  Indeed I was surprised to see that he even had one of the same recipes that I do - Pizza Dip.  I have not tried any of his other recipes but I will soon such as the cucumber and feta rolls.  Check out by Kevin Lynch.   He has a sly sense of humor as well, as he claims to cook in a tiny closet sized kitchen.

The other blog I was immediately attracted to because the writer, a mother like me, tries to find healthy ways to feed her family and aims for a rainbow a day for good nutrition.  She has a vast collection of recipes including some which are vegan or gluten free.  I am trying her creamed corn buttermilk bread tonight.  I like that it has whole wheat flour in it.  Look for her at

Both blogs have gorgeous photographs of which I am jealous.  Hopefully my own photos will continue to improve as I learn more about my new camera.  Anyway, I think you will enjoy these blogs if you like to cook as I do.  Check them out today and try something new this weekend!

I'd like to mention a new local magazine that two friends of mine have collaborated on - Mid-South Latino.  This bi-lingual magazine is aimed at the growing Latino population in Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri.  I am honored that they have chosen to include my articles in their publication.  If you are interested in reaching the Latino market for your business, you can contact Susan Ishmael or Alex Lorenzana at    


  1. Your site is lovely and I cannot wait to peruse more. Looking forward to sharing recipe ideas and inspiration . Thanks for finding us!

  2. It is difficult to photograph food - I find myself with the same problem. Most kitchens do not have amount of natural light needed for a fantastic photo. Who would have thought that learning to bake would require learning how to edit a photo!

  3. I'd just like to learn how to use my fancy camera better. I'm trying to find a class.