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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rebate Offers and General Information

I have some new readers and I thought I'd just take  a moment to explain what this blog is all about.  I do scan other blogs from time to time and while there are some excellent ones out there on all kinds of subjects, some I just can't figure out.  This one is pretty easy, it's all about health and how we can all lead a healthier, better life.  I am not a nurse, doctor or nutritionist.  My husband is a cardiologist and we share a passion to promote better health, me through the things everyone of us can do every day.  The main thing you need is a desire to learn more and do better.

I share recipes that my family actually eats, most are easy, fast and good for you but I try to present the whole picture.  We don't eat 'nothing but vegetables' so sometimes I share dessert or fattening recipes too.  You can eat a balanced diet.  I try to provide motivation; don't we all need a push now and then to do the right thing?  I share exercise tips and suggestions and once in awhile, I do some research and present a few health facts in an easy to understand way.  I also confess "our sins" so that readers don't think we are the perfect family who exercises and eats roots, nuts and tofu.  I hope you enjoy reading this material and share it with your friends and family.

I've been writing since August about my attempt to master the coupon system and save more money on groceries and household goods.  I thought I'd briefly update you on something I did this month that has saved me $30!  REBATES.  Maybe you've sent off for rebates before or maybe you did and didn't get your money but I have had success with this in the past.  If you read magazines or the sales circulars in your newspapers, you will find rebate offers from time to time.  Wal Greens is particularly good to put rebate offers in their weekly sales circular.  Rebates are not hard to do but follow the instructions carefully in order to be eligible.  Make a copy of everything you send in and mark the expected arrival date of the refund on your calendar.  Most require you to purchase an item, send the register receipt and perhaps the UPC code off the product package.  I think this is a great return of money for about 5 minutes of my time and a stamp.  All I know is that I'm going to be on the lookout for rebates on the things I use regularly.  I am not going to stock pile goods in a spare bedroom just because I saved money, but I have no problem buying 3 or 4 extra items to save $30 on something I use frequently.

In 5 months, not including January yet, I am on track to save $1800 this year by using coupons, rebates and watching for sales on the things I buy regularly.  Not bad.  Not going to get me on the extreme couponing shows, but I can definitely put that money to use elsewhere.  Have a wonderful weekend saving money!      

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