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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Videos

I want you to watch these two videos and consider the age of these two women.  The cowgirl is 101 and the salsa dancer is in her 80's.  They are my personal inspiration and illustrate just why I exercise, eat right and take care of myself.  They aren't sitting on the sidelines watching life go by; they are living life to the fullest and out there having fun doing what they love.  

Think about these two ladies as you enter the new year.  Let them be your inspiration to a better, fuller, happier life.  They didn't get there by sitting on their butt getting fat.  They didn't get there by watching their children have all the fun, they joined in.  Don't just make some lame New Year's resolutions tonight.  Really get out and move, have fun, get in the game.  If you don't, you better get on the waiting list down at the nursing home.  Space will be limited.

A Happy Healthy New Year to all!  Do what it takes to get what you want this year.  

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