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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Apologies To All

I must apologize for my unexcused, two week absence.  The first week there were technical difficulties with the computer and my home computer nerd (son) was unable to help me work through them.  The week after Thanksgiving my husband had the week off and we were trying to finish our Christmas shopping.  Plus Tuesday was the last day of the Wanna Dance competition and I'm proud to say my partner and I finished a very close second.  Check out our dance on at wanna dance Brandy and Lisa if you'd like to see it.

I'm hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  I believe time spent with those we love to be just as important to good health as anything else we do.  I confess that I didn't think my Thanksgiving dinner was very good.  First of all the turkey was simply awful and once again, there was no pumpkin pie.  I must find out what the good people of Mississippi have against pumpkin.  The best part of the dinner was the crab and brie bisque but that is not part of my Thanksgiving tradition.  There were 48 members of Barry's extended family at dinner and we did have a great weekend visiting people we don't often see.

Friday we toured an old plantation and then stopped by The Old Country Store restaurant in Lorman, Ms.  which has been featured on Alton Brown's show.  Alton Brown declared that owner Arthur Davis's fried chicken was the best he'd ever eaten.  Of course I was all about trying this chicken which was good but I still think my sister's is better.  Arthur does know how to prepare vegetables.  He only uses fresh ingredients, not frozen, and indeed, grows many of them in his garden.  The greens we ate had been picked the day before and I had seconds.   So often, vegetables are a neglected part of dinner so it's no wonder people won't eat them.  If you are ever in Natchez, Ms., get directions to Lorman as it's not far and worth the drive.

So the season of too much and over indulging has begun.  Try to eat sensibly between parties and family gatherings and don't neglect the exercise.  Exercise will also help with the stress so many feel at this time of year.

I will try to get past the technical difficulties this week and publish that last post that was giving me trouble.

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  1. Morgan loves pumpkin pie-it's a must with her :) I cooked two this year, my fudge turned out well too. Semi-sweet chips rock. Not too sweet-just right.