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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Going To The Movies Can Really Wreck Your Diet

Everytime I go to the movies I am amazed at several things.  One, the willingness of many parents to bring really young children to totally inappropriate R rated movies.  But that's a subject for another blog.  The problem I want to address today is the junk people buy and eat while at the movies. 

When I was younger, the snacks you could buy at the theater were much smaller.  A box of popcorn then was about the size of a box of Reece's Pieces today.  Now popcorn comes in a tub big enough to use to wash the car and that oily stuff they call butter is applied more heavily than George Hamilton's tanning creme.  Then people wash it all down with what appears to be a liter of coke!  At what point did Americans decide they needed to eat like a horse?  The price alone stops me from buying any of that junk.  I know that some view the food they eat at the movies as their dinner.  Have we really come so far from common sense that we believe we can eat like that and remain healthy?

I rarely buy anything to eat when I go to the movies.  I've already had dinner either at home or a restaurant if we're making it a real evening out.  Sometimes I take my own snack to the theater such as a small bag of M&M's which I share with my husband.  I really don't want to clog my arteries with that strange glop they call butter nor do I enjoy feeling robbed when I consider the prices they charge.

If you recognize yourself in this scenario, I hope you will consider cleaning up your act.  Sorry to be harsh today, but my 1000 lb. horse actually eats much less grain each day than comes in those tubs of popcorn.  Perhaps these tips will help.

1.  Eat dinner before going to the movies so you will be full and not tempted to buy those snacks. 
2.  Think of the money you will save.  If you go to the movies frequently, it will be considerable.
3.  Take your own more proportional snack and make it healthier.  A bag of almonds, some trail mix or a few pieces of dark chocolate.
4.  Buy tickets ahead of time and don't get to the movie early.  Then you won't have time to think about food.
5.  Rent a movie and eat your dinner in your pj's while watching it.  You will avoid the crowds of teens too.
6.  Think of your waist, your hips, your heart!

Have a healthy, happy day. 

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  1. the 1,000 lb horse remark had me laughing so hard.....priceless! Crystal :)