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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Become a Blood Donor

My daughter's school is sponsoring a blood drive today in honor of two teachers who are struggling with cancer.  I try to give blood at least once at year.  That's not alot but if more people gave blood once a year, we would suffer less shortages.  The Mayo Clinic estimates that only 5% of the eligible population donates blood.  When you consider that an open heart surgery could require 14 pints of blood, you can see how the need adds up quickly.

It doesn't take too long and it's a great feeling to know you've saved as many as three lives.  Yes, one pint of your blood can save up to three lives.  The person you save could be a premature baby, a car accident victim or the man who sits in front of you at church. 

Most people find it fairly painless and don't suffer any ill effects.  I've never had a problem in all the years I've been donating.  Plus, they give you free donuts, cookies, drinks or pizza.  Give blood and get a free lunch!  More importantly, give blood and be a hero. 

I also wanted to make a comment today about the Diet Coke ads I've been seeing recently.  I find it deeply offensive that the American Heart Association has allied with a junk food company to raise heart disease awareness.  The message sent by using a drink with absolutely no nutritional value and which has helped fuel our rising obesity problems is that diet coke is somehow healthy and ok.  What's next, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's or even Camel's cigarettes?  The American Heart Association needs to do better. 

Check back Thursday for some new recipes that even my husband can cook!  Have a heart healthy week - get some exercise.   

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