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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Follow up on Salt

After researching and writing about the effects of salt in a healthy diet, I've really been reading my labels and cutting back on salt. It is amazing how much salt there is in packaged foods. I realize now that I don't have to add salt to some of my cooking such as when boiling pasta or rice (the sauce will have enough salt), or browning meat. I won't need to add salt to the pot roast I'm making today as the onion soup mix has more than enough. It's really not that hard to make a few changes.
While I've used no salt added canned vegetables for a long time, I now plan to look for other lower sodium products. I hope you have been similarly inspired.
Confession: I don't plan to give up my salted peanuts at this time but perhaps I'll skip the salt on the margaritas.
Good luck!