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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Garden Delights

Spring is here and fresh produce is just around the corner! Our local farmers' market opens the first weekend of May and I can hardly wait. This year I have purchased a share of a local farmer's produce each week so I will let you know how that turns out. Buying fresh, locally grown, fruits and vegetables or growing them yourself is the best way to enjoy them. No offense to anyone, but often fruits and vegetables sold in the supermarkets were bred for shelf life, not taste. I can't blame anyone for not liking tomatoes for instance, if they have never had one picked at the peak of ripeness from a backyard garden.

I was lucky enough to eat homegrown vegetables growing up as my father was an excellent gardener. We also picked peaches, strawberries and muscadines and my parents made jelly and preserves. I never ate store bought jelly until I was older. Consequently, I learned to love most vegetables and we eat them every night for dinner.
Confession: I didn't inherit my father's green thumb but I keep trying every summer. I love heirloom tomatoes but last year's crop was a bountiful seven or eight. I'm plagued with too much shade and pesty raccoons.

This summer, head out to your local farmers' market and enjoy some really good vegetables. There is nothing like a dinner of simple vegetables, with sliced tomatoes and cornbread. Finish it off with cold watermelon for dessert. You'll be supporting the local economy as well and doing the "green thing".