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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Challenge: Final Shopping Trip

Got back from the grocery and tucked everything away, now it's time to report on how I did.  Before I give a total for the week, I'd like to give a list of what I purchased and it's price.

OJ                                    $2.89
Buttermilk                         $1.65
Milk                                  $13.77
Turkey sausage                 $5.78
Organic Whole chicken    $6.81
Chicken legs, 8 pack         $2.86
Yogurt                               $2.93
String Cheese                     $3.59
Diced Ham                        $2.50
Deli Chicken                      $3.59
Oranges                              $3.99
Celery                                  $1.39
Cabbage                            $1.47
Canned salmon                  $3.00
Onions                               $.78
Oroweat bread                   $7.58
Bananas                             $2.25
Grapes                                $4.16
Eggs, 2 dozen                     $3.76
Salad                                  $3.49
Fresh mushrooms               $1.89
Yellow squash, 1.55 lbs.    $1.53
Bell pepper                         $.79
Sweet potatoes, 2                $1.18
Fresh corn                           $1.67
Mini carrots                        $1.00
5 lb. bag of potatoes           $2.99
Boarshead deli meat, 1/2 lb. $4.56
Bottled Water                      $1.88

I spent a total of $100.52, tax included.  Of course this was possible because I didn't buy sodas, chips, cookies, etc.  My kids do eat a sandwich, yogurt, salads, fruit and occasionally pretzels or Goldfish for lunch.  The only difference this week was that they took water instead of the G-2 they usually drink.  I also feed my family a lot of eggs, oatmeal and smoothies for breakfast.  I also make French toast and pancakes from scratch.  Cereal, granola bars, donuts, Pop Tarts, etc. are more expensive per serving and much less nutritious.  A large container of oatmeal is on sale at Krogers this week for $3.00 and makes 30 servings.  You can also use the oatmeal in meatloaf or make the baked oatmeal recipe I shared awhile back.  I'd like to point out that there are plenty of oranges, buttermilk, cheese, celery, bread, eggs, potatoes and carrots left for next week as well.  I may try this challenge again later to see if I can do it with a different menu.

Anyway, give it a try and see how low you can go.  If you do, please let all of my readers know in the comment section.  

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