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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BIG Announcement!

I just can't wait any longer to share the news.  My blog is about to become a website!  I have been frustrated that my blog isn't very user friendly (as have my readers!) so I have been working with a friend to make some changes.  Recently, I met Manu Nair who owns a web and Ap design business and talked to him about my blog.  Before I knew it, he had talked me into converting to a website. It will have many convenient features such as a very accessible recipe index and links to other helpful websites and blogs.  There will be a new section devoted to information on raising healthy children as well.  I hope the new design will also encourage readers to provide feedback and to share it with their friends and family.

The new website should be up and running within two weeks.  But don't worry, you can still find me at the same address; you will just be redirected to the website.  Just in case you don't know, I also write on Wednesdays for, a web page devoted to what's happening around town and run by those good folks at Occasions magazine.  You should check it out as I write something different for them, plus it is a great place to check for local news and movie listings.  I am writing for the new Mid-south Latino magazine monthly, a brand new magazine aimed at the growing Latino population and started up by my friends Alex Lorenzana and Susan Ishmael.  Mid-South Latino is published in both Spanish and English so it is a good resource for anyone trying to brush up on Spanish or trying to reach the Latino market.

I will be cooking again this year at the HMG Health Expo coming up on the weekend of April 21st thru 22nd.  I'm not sure of my time slot yet but I will be doing healthy snacks so stop by and get a sample.  Or stop by and see if I can work the blender.  Regular readers may remember my fairly recent disaster with broccoli soup and the blender.

As usual, Barry and I will be doing Walk With A Doc on April 7th.  We will start at the playground at Joe Mac Campbell park and walk a mile.  If you need a push and a friend to start your exercise program, come out and join us.  Barry will be happy to answer any questions as we walk.

I got my share of exercise yesterday as I walked and ran after my horses.  When I went to the barn, I was thinking what a beautiful day it was.  Then as I gazed around at all the wonderful spring greenery, I noticed my neighbor had two new horses which looked strangely like my Roxie and Gilly.  Slowly it dawned on me that they were MY horses!  First I thought I'd left a gate open and my neighbor Joe had captured my escapees and put them in his pasture for safekeeping.  I discovered however that the locked gate between our pastures was wide open.  I grabbed a halter and set out grimly.  Sure enough, I could walk right up to all of Joe's horses but my two had suddenly become wild again, never touched by human hands.  I spent over an hour chasing them all over Joe's field.  Finally Gilly ran back in his own pasture but Roxie wasn't giving up.  She made a tactical error by trying to escape through a wooded area only to be stopped by chest high briars.  She was wedged in tight and couldn't turn around.  Backing up was difficult as there was a fallen tree she had trouble stepping over.  I just laughed and watched her dilemma.  She would turn and look at me as if to say, "What do I do?".  Finally she had backed up enough that I was able to get a halter around her head and then I made her back right up through all that mess.  Captured, she was pretty docile again.  Both horses were steaming hot and wet so both had to get a bath to cool off.  I never did find out how the horses managed to open the combination lock on the gate.  Who knew hoofs could be so nimble?

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