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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From Overweight To Beauty Queen; The Story Of Bree Boyce

If you haven't seen the inspirational story of Bree Boyce, Miss South Carolina, you need to.  Just five years ago, Bree was significantly overweight and at 17 was already suffering from problems associated with obesity.  Her aching knees prompted her to go to the doctor whom she credits with saving her life.  The doctor didn't mince words; he told her it was time to loose weight.

Up to that time, Bree suffered from low self esteem and had turned to food to shore up her emotional well being.  She hid her problem from her family and ate junk food in secret, often eating whole pizzas and other fast food away from home.  Of course, the secret eating habit and excess weight only made her feel worse.  Hearing her doctor say that excess weight was the cause of her aching knees and that it would only get worse gave her the courage to loose the weight.

Bree lost the weight the old fashioned way; eating a healthy diet and exercise.  She did not turn to surgery or fad diets, thank goodness.  The first 64 pounds came off quickly but it took three years for her to achieve her goal and loose over 100 pounds.  She says that she educated herself along the way and learned more about nutrition and how to cook healthy foods.

Now she has won the Miss Carolina title (where she also won the swim suit competition!) and will go on to compete in the Miss America pageant in January.  Her platform naturally is about obesity and healthy eating.  She looks forward to traveling around the country promoting good health and also has a facebook page where people can leave comments.

I hope my readers will learn from Bree's story that good health is important to leading a more fulfilling life.  As she says, it takes alot of hard work and determination, but anyone can do if they are truly motivated.  I hope you are motivated to take charge of your health and not take it for granted until it is too late.  Remember my mantra: eat healthy foods and exercise!

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