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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dance For Fitness

By now, you know I nag about getting enough exercise.  Exercise doesn't just help keep the weight off, it makes you feel so much more energetic and keeps you young.  That is especially true when you find something you love doing.  When you are having fun, you won't notice that you are sweating and you somehow don't mind that you are sore the next day.

I have always been active; horseback riding (which includes cleaning the barn, toting hefty bags of feed, pushing heavy wheelbarrows, etc.) walking, bike riding and yoga.  In the spring, I took up Latin dancing with my husband and we have both had so much fun.  If you have ever thought about dancing, now is the time to start.  Alex Lorenzana teaches Latin dance classes and Latin dance based fitness classes here in Jonesboro.  Don't worry if you've never danced before or about joining an ongoing class.  Alex makes Latin dance fun and easy to learn.  He does make it a good workout!  You will sweat your way to becoming more fit.  So far, we've learned cha cha, salsa, cumbia and merangue.  You can contact Alex at 870-761-8663 for more information.

Barry and I practicing salsa at home.  That is my dress for the Wanna Dance competition.

I ran into a friend the other day who told me she loves my green bean recipe I've featured here.  I sautee the green beans in olive oil until they are browned, adding garlic towards the end and seasoning with salt and pepper.  I just want to mention that sugar snap peas and broccoli are good done this way as well.   I use frozen peas and broccoli but steam them first, then sautee them.  The veggies are very tasty done this way.

I'm hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend and finds the joy in exercise!

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