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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my blog. I am a cardiologist's wife and so many people ask how my husband and I stay "so skinny", that I decided to start a blog about our healthy living habits and tips. Though I have no medical background, I fully share my husband's concern about Americans' overall health, especially heart health.

I plan to share cooking and exercise tips, health information from doctors, and our deepest secrets (my husband has a BIG sweet tooth). Being a mother of two busy children, I understand the difficulties we face in trying to fit exercise, grocery shopping and cooking into a typical week.

I will post updates weekly and I hope you will find practical suggestions, money saving tips and helpful medical information that you can incorporate into your life. I will talk about diets (what works, what is a ripoff), healthy meals, and health products. I am not promoting a major overhaul of your lifestyle but sensible, easy, small steps to improve your health.

I hope you will check back. My next post will be about menus and meal planning. Have a healthy day!

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